What swimming lessons can do for your little one

You don’t need to go to the beach , rivers or pools frequently to start thinking about enrolling your little one in swimming lessons . Developing even basic notions of how to swim is often extra security. The Society of Pediatrics recommends that classes start only after 6 months of age. After that, you can think of schools and clubs that teach swimming for children and to encourage, we have listed here some benefits of children’s swimming. Check out:

5 benefits that swimming lessons bring to the little ones

Strengthening the immune system

Practicing any physical activity already enhances the body’s defense mechanisms, decreasing the risk of contracting diseases. But, in addition, swimming is a very suitable sport for children with respiratory problems since there the child learns to do a correct breathing.

Stimulates motor coordination

The practice of activity in childhood will stimulate the development of important skills for children, such as flexibility, agility, endurance and strength. A study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology followed babies who were swimming from 7 months to 2 years old and other babies who did not swim. Then, they evaluated these children again at the age of 5 and the result was that the group of babies who practiced swimming did better in the motor evaluation.

Combating childhood obesity

Practicing physical activities is essential for children and adults. And swimming is on the list of high-calorie sports and, moreover, it is not a sport considered to be of high impact, which reduces the chances of injuries or associated problems.

Decrease stress

The activities and games played during swimming lessons are usually quite playful for children. In a class, she can learn to hold her breath under water while being encouraged to play pretend , for example. Therefore, throughout the classes many children are more relaxed.


Drowning is the second leading cause of death among children aged 0 to 14 years. A scary number for parents! Therefore, one of the recommendations of the NGO Criança Segura is that children learn to swim with qualified instructors or in swimming schools. And if the parents or guardians do not know how to swim, they must learn. But, even if your little one knows how to swim, attention close to pools, lakes, rivers or the sea must always be constant! Never leave your child alone near water.…